Senior Phone Patrol

Calls to participants are made between the hours of 6am and 9am daily; including weekends.  If no answer is received and no notification has been given through the use of an answering machine setup for this specific purpose, an officer is sent to the senior’s residence to check on their welfare.  Senior Phone Patrol brochure


  • Must be a resident of the City of Sparks
  • Must be a senior or disabled status
  • Must live alone or be the sole caregiver of a disabled individual


In 1989, the Sparks Police embarked on a program for senior citizens.  The idea behind the Sparks Senior Phone Patrol is to place a phone call each day to check on the welfare of senior citizens who live alone.  The Sparks Police offer this program in an effort to reduce the time seniors would have to wait for emergency medical help in the event they were sick or injured in their home and unable to get to the phone for help.

Something more for Participants

During the month of December, the Sparks Police host the Annual Senior Christmas Party.  Many of the seniors that participate in the Senior Phone Patrol do not have a family support system in the area.  This event is anticipated by all seniors in the program and is very enjoyable for both the senior and our police department personnel.

To sign up

For information on how you can SIGN UP for this program, please call (775) 353-2248 to speak with a Police Assistant.


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