Sparks SafeCam - Community Video Surveillance Registration Program

Sparks SafeCam is a voluntary program for residents and business owners to register their Sparks address as a location that operates a video surveillance system.  This registry allows officers to readily identify known locations throughout Sparks that have video surveillance systems to aid police with criminal investigations.  SafeCam does not allow access for police to watch or monitor your video surveillance system.  This program is simply a registry to let us know you have a video surveillance system.

Why SafeCam?  You can help the Sparks Police, your neighbors and our community by registering your video system location with SafeCam.  Your participation in SafeCam will provide officers with information that you have a video surveillance system.  SafeCam registration information allows officers to quickly identify a location that may have video footage related to their case.

How does SafeCam work?  When a crime occurs, the officer would make contact with the resident or business not only to determine if someone witnessed the incident, but to determine if anything was captured on video.  Many times, when a crime occurs, the officer will go door-to-door in the area near the incident to find out if residents or businesses have a surveillance system that may have captured anything related to the case on video.  In these instances, officers do not always know who has video surveillance and residents don’t always know about a crime captured on video by their surveillance system.  Participation in SafeCam is cost-free and confidential.  You can opt-out of the program at anytime.

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SafeCam is another way the Sparks Police and our community work together to solve problems and solve crime.  Please contact Support Services at if you have any questions about Sparks SafeCam.

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